London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

I can’t find a single video that does justice to my experience of being part of the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.

200 hours of rehearsal, 3 stadium gigs including the night itself, playing live for the full 17 minutes of the ‘Industrial Revolution’ section that started the show, in front of 90k in the stadium and a further 900m watching on TVs around the world.

The rumble and pandemonium of 1000 drummers playing in unison, as the sound reverberated around the Olympic Stadium, is something I’ll never forget.

I saw myself on BBC1, played on the No 1 selling soundtrack album ‘And I will Kiss’, and was part of a performance that was BAFTA nominated and won an Emmy.

Working closely with Rick from Underworld and director Danny Boyle, this experience helped me tick off many childhood dreams. Something to tell the grandkids at the very least, right?

This is Nirvana

I play in a tribute band called This is Nirvana. We have played all over the UK. This video is from ‘Glastonbudget’ 2012 – a tribute band festival.

People have said some great things to us, that it’s great to hear this awesome material played live again in an authentic and respectful way. It’s great fun to play, and it really is just that – a tribute. Nothing more, and nothing less. Peace. x

Tony’s House

Here’s a little ditty we put together in 2003, after 2 million of us marched around London, saying ‘NO’ to the Iraq war and ‘NOT IN OUR NAME’. He didn’t listen to the people and took us to war anyway. We were ’ucking incensed.

The Tony in this story is obviously Blair, with mentions of Bush, Brown, and Tone’s wife Cherie. I wanted to ridicule the whole sorry lot of them. Were his kids just sitting around at Chequers, watching saturday night tv, oblivious to what their war criminal dad was up to?

There’s a parallel to Dorian Gray where his everyday face remains all trustworthy while his sins are manifesting in a hideous way on his face in a painting, locked away upstairs.

I had dreams of this going to number 1 – naïve really – a message like this would’ve been squashed even if we’d managed to get it on the radio.


What goes on in Tony’s house?

Leo and the other kids are chillin out

Bargain basement entertainment, talent shows

Brucey bonus, Brucey bonus

Cherie cherry picking – property fraud

Next door, Gordon Bennett, mate

George the tortoise roams the garden – he’s always causing strife

Put him back in his box, bits of apple and strips of paper

Tone gets back to business, he gets down on all fours and puckers up for more

Check his portrait in the attic, his soul is black and dire

Christmas reds and greens, his face distorted to the extreme, yeah

He is a leader, he is a leader

He took us places we didn’t want to go